Worldwide Debut of New Line Of Iconic Handbags!

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A few of these beautiful custom handbags are still available exclusively at Christie’s, the famed New York auction house. The Christie’s Luxury Handbag & Accessories auction ends Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 10am EST.

Hurry! Last chance to bid on these unique customized Hermes:

-Kelly 35cm Strawberry Fields


-Birkin 35cm Love Hands
-Birkin HAC 32cm Brave Heart
-Kelly 35cm Big Red


-Kelly 28cm Thunder
-Birkin HAC 32cm Yellow Flower

-Birkin HAC 32cm Rebel Rebel/Aladdin


WWL is proud to publish the first reveal of a new line of unique, limited edition handbags, just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Meet Toile Blanc™

As the World’s #1 collector of Hermes® Toile & Canvas Bags – and other unique luxury handbags -Toile Blanc™ has just brought to market over 30 years of experience in unparalleled quality handbag craftsmanship, exquisite beauty, luxury fashion, innovation, art and guaranteed authenticity. Personal art, on the go, is now available in luxury handbags to the most discerning customers worldwide.

Created in 2015, Toile Blanc™ joins together hand-painted museum quality art with authentic hand-crafted luxury handbags, as never seen before.  All of the bags in the current limited holiday release are entirely handmade!

“The handcrafted elements give a unique life and personality no machine ever could. The hand is what expresses what is in our soul,” the Company’s Sales Director said in a statement. “We choose bags like Hermes® and others for their simple beauty and durability.” They provide a blank canvas for the artist that is incredibly sturdy and durable. “The exterior is so strong it can withstand just about anything.”

These bags are an investment, designed to last a lifetime. Prices start at $5000. Most will agree that there is unique value in the quality of the craftsmanship and artistry. “The bags are hand-painted with the highest quality art by a specially curated portfolio of experienced artists. Our proprietary painting & coating process ensures that the art remains forever on your bag and does not bleed color when properly cared for. Color transfer is just not an issue! Rain ponchos are provided with your beautiful, one-of-a-kind bag to protect it from the elements,” the Company said in a statement.

The current collections available for sale are the Noir, Rouge, Jaune, Classic, Vintage & Signature Series.

For inquiries, please contact:


Bags will also be available shortly on!