Super Bowl Creates Demand for Private Jets and Luxury Car Rentals

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Seems like people are willing to spend big bucks to enjoy the Big Game in style. As this story notes, demand is high for private jet charters and luxury car rentals in the San Francisco … Read More

Cadillac Shows Off CT6 Style

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European auto makers may have been leading the pack when it comes to luxury rides recently, but an American automaker known for its high-end offerings is making an effort to change that. Cadillac introduced the … Read More

Louis Vuitton Unveils New Men’s Collection

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Louis Vuitton showed off highlights of their new Fall 2016 men’s collection recently at the Paris fashions shows. The line is now also featured on the brand’s website. While the line seems to be dominated … Read More

Sustainable Fashion Honors Announced

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Kering talk and award.

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion recently announced the recipients of the Kering Awards. The winners honored with the first ever Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion designees were Neliana Fuenmayor for Stella McCartney and Ingrid Rautemberg … Read More

Luxury Smart Bracelets

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Wearable technology may be all the rage, but this technology isn’t necessarily the most stylish option. But one designer wants to change that. Iris Apfel recently unveiled a collection of smart bracelets that monitor health … Read More

Century-Old Jeweler Poised for a Comeback

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You might call it one of the best kept secrets among the rich and famous. Black, Starr & Frost is a jewelry brand that’s been around more than 200 years. In that time, it has … Read More

Tips for Re-selling Luxury Fashion Items

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Once you’ve refreshed your wardrobe with the must-have items from the latest new fashion lines, you may need to make room by clearing out some of the extra things in your closet that you no … Read More

Pickup Trucks Now Among Luxury Vehicles

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The latest batch of luxury vehicles may not look quite like you would expect. As this Forbes story notes, some of the current best-sellers in the luxury market are actually American-made pickup trucks. In fact, … Read More

Mercedes Continues Fashion Film Series

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Mercedes-Benz is continuing its campaign to feature creative messaging in film format. The company recently released the fourth installment of its “Fashion Creatives” series of short films. This campaign is designed to spotlight the luxury … Read More

Birkin Bag a Better Investment Than Gold

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Fashionistas who collect Birkin bags may not just be making a good fashion choice. They may also be making a smart financial decision, according to some recent news. A study recently conducted by Baghunter found … Read More