Contemporary Art Sales from Christie’s

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If you are a fan of contemporary or relatively recent art, you will want to keep an eye out on the listings for Christie’s upcoming auctions. They have several Post-War and Contemporary Art sales scheduled … Read More

Highlights from Baselworld Watch Show

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Baselworld is a famous watch and jewelry show held in Switzerland each spring. Among the highlights from this year’s show: new models from HYT, a watchmaker known for its groundbreaking technology that features the use … Read More

Coolest Desert Destinations in the U.S.

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Sure, areas near the oceans have their undeniable appeal. But many people enjoy visiting great spots in a desert environment. Fortunately, there are a lot of terrific options. Travel + Leisure did a roundup of … Read More

Susan Rockefeller Jewelry

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Susan Rockefeller is a successful documentary filmmaker, but she is also deeply committed to protecting the oceans. That’s what inspired her to create a line of sea-inspired jewelry. The Susan Rockefeller Collection features pearls, mermaids, … Read More

Nearly $9 Million Raised at Jewelry Auction for Animal Rescue

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A jewelry auction to benefit animal rescue causes was held by Christie’s New York recently, and raised $8.6 million. The jewelry was part of a collection owned by Riki and Jerome Shaw, who are dedicated … Read More

Luxury Boutique Hotels

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Sometimes you want the luxury details of a large upscale hotel yet still want the charming feeling of a smaller place. Fortunately, you can have both, if you choose carefully. Forbes compiled a roundup of … Read More

Priciest Restaurants around the World

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Come dine in our underwater restaurant

There are lots of places where you can enjoy a pricey meal. But if you truly want to splurge on an amazing meal that costs a fortune, you have to seek out the very top … Read More

NY Auto Show Highlights

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The 2014 NY Auto Show kicked off this week, and as usual some stunning luxury vehicles were on display. With so many amazing rides to choose from, it’s hard to pick even just a few … Read More

The Prettiest European Villages

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Europe has so many beautiful villages and picturesque towns, it’s hard to identify a few of the best. But those that are relatively unspoiled and haven’t yet become total tourist traps certainly would have an … Read More

H&M Teams Up with Alexander Wang

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H&M has announced another designer line in the works. The retailer has teamed up with Alexander Wang (pictured) for a new line that will hit stores this fall. The new line will be called Alexander … Read More