Bentley CW1 House and Factory Visits

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Bentley offers several ways for customers and fans to get a special inside look at the luxury automaker’s process. The car company recently opened CW1 House, a flagship showroom concept at the home of Bentley … Read More

NY Customers Keep Tiffany Going Strong

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Tiffany & Co. might want to send a thank you gift (perhaps one that comes in a certain distinctive blue box) to some of its most loyal American customers. It seems that wealthy Americans—particularly those … Read More

Sneak Peek at Bentley Grand Convertible

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Bentley recently offered a special preview glimpse at their new convertible model. It’s still technically at the “concept car” stage, but the Grand Convertible is being touted as the most sophisticated open-top car ever created … Read More

Great American Towns for Holiday Vacations

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Looking to get away for the holidays? Choose your destination carefully. Some cities make for great holiday getaways, while others are likely to be a big disappointment. For some great suggestions, check out this Travel … Read More

The NYC Hotel Where William & Kate Stay

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New York City (and the country in general) is getting ready to welcome some VIP visitors from across the pond. William and Kate are making a trip to the U.S. this weekend, and they will … Read More

Best Cities for Tourists

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Visiting a great city isn’t always such a wonderful experience when you’re from out of town. Some large cities are notoriously unwelcoming to tourists. However, there are others that seem to welcome visitors with open … Read More

NYC Home of Fine-Crafted Guitars

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Got a musician on your holiday shopping list who has a love of instruments with classic, handcrafted design? They would likely be overjoyed to receive a wooden guitar carefully crafted by the designers at D’Angelico … Read More

Luxury Briefcase with Durability

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Created by a pair of male models, the men’s accessory line Passavant and Lee has launched its new line with a briefcase that really stands out. Crafted by hand in New York City, each briefcase … Read More

JaneFinds Bags of the Week

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Decided to skip the crowds and craziness of Black Friday? You can still get an amazing deal, with no chaos or frayed tempers involved. The JaneFinds team has some great bags this week, including a … Read More

Luxury Helicopter with Style

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If you really want to travel the skies in style, it would be tough to beat this top-of-the-line helicopter. Designed in a joint endeavor with Mercedes-Benz, this chopper offers the ultimate in style and luxury. … Read More