Record-Breaking Order of Rolls-Royce Phantoms

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Someone is obviously a really big fan of Rolls-Royce vehicles. The luxury automaker just received its biggest order ever. Stephen Hung, a Hong Kong real estate entrepreneur, ordered 30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms which will serve as … Read More

Store Your Passport in Style

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Your passport is a critical part of your travel toolkit, so you need to protect it. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep it in a drab, boring holder. Some big-name designers offer stylish … Read More

New $85 Million Listing in LA

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Los Angeles is certainly no stranger to extreme and jaw-dropping properties. But even among that backdrop, a newly built home seems sure to stand out. The sleek and modern 23,000 square foot home includes such … Read More

Entry-Level Jaguar on the Horizon

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Jaguar has released news of its new upcoming line, the XE models. Industry observers are calling this the entry-level Jaguar line. Few details (including price) have been released, but the cars are expected to be … Read More

Dominican Republic Villa Offers Private Luxury Retreat

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If you want to enjoy a getaway in the Dominican Republic but don’t want to fight crowds, this is one destination where you can truly a peaceful, private escape. Casa Kimball is an 8-room villa … Read More

Most Expensive Official Listing in the U.S.

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A Florida mansion has just been listed for sale for $139 million. While there are a number of secret “pocket listings” with reported price tags higher than that, this is the highest-price official listing in … Read More

New Exotic Car Rental Club Opens

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Want the thrill of driving an amazing luxury car without the commitment—or the investment? Check out a new specialty car rental firm that recently opened in California. Fast Toys has a small fleet of cars … Read More

Birkin on Auction Could Set Record

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A rare Birkin bag currently up for auction is expected to set a new record for the most expensive handbag. The Himalayan Nilo crocodile bag has white gold and diamond accents. Heritage Auctions is handling … Read More

Land Rover Sending Winner to Space

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A lucky contest winner will have the opportunity to travel to space, bringing a few friends with them. Land Rover is teaming up with Virgin Galactic to host a contest in which the winner gets … Read More

Hot New Bags from JaneFinds

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As usual, the team at JaneFinds has a great group of amazing bags for your shopping pleasure this weekend. Some highlights among the newest arrivals include Nile Kelly bags in black or electric blue, plus … Read More